Couples in Australia can go to court for the proper resolution of property disagreements and distribution of property following marital separation. Property in this case refers to real estate, vehicles, investments, furnishings, and retirement pensions. Is there any other option for them? One alternative is to try mediation through Mandurah settlement agents.

Capable Agents for Property Transfers

It is mandatory for separating spouses to work on a solution prior to seeking a property order from the appropriate court. Find competent agents for property transfers who can help you out with this process. This agent sees to it that your interests are protected during the resolution. You can ask for referrals of Mandurah settlement agents from real estate brokers. If this does not work out, that is the time you file an application for the property order. You can download the form easily. Just go to the Family Court website’s Property Orders Kit.

The court will schedule a procedural hearing if one of the two parties decides to submit an application. This may take time so it is more advisable to negotiate with the help of agents for property transfers. Hearings will take place only after the case assessment conference is conducted. This is necessary if the case involves matters relating to child dependents.

A conciliation conference with the Registrar comes next. This is another attempt to decide on the dispute which is similar to compromise through the efforts of Mandurah settlement agents. Registrars have the authority to stipulate what both parties have to prepare for the next step in this case.

A Better Option with Mandurah Settlement Agents

The entire process will be grueling and expensive for concerned parties. This is why it will be less complicated if the case is negotiated by agents for property transfers. The readiness hearing is the next step if the conciliation conference fails to clear everything. A judge will determine if the case is all set for a regular trial. The court makes its decision regarding the final order during this trial. Each party is allowed to submit evidences as support for their respective claims. Any order from the court is legally binding. Petitioners can always approach the court for proper and immediate enforcement of the ruling.

In property settlement, Mandurah Settlement Agents can help identify and evaluate the property in question. Only the court has the authority to ensure that the settlement is fair between the petitioner and defendant. The court may consider the future needs of the favored part as financial condition, age, health, income, resources as well as physical and mental capacities. The court also evaluates the applicant’s needs and capacity of respondent to pay if the issue of spousal maintenance comes out.

The court should only be the last recourse. Both parties must exhaust all means of settling differences. You can count on these agents for property transfers to sort out all issues relating to property settlement.

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