The Family Court makes the final decision regarding property settlement issues of de facto couples. Litigation may prove to be very tedious. Attorney’s and other court fees are usually prohibitive unless the parties involved opt for out of court resolution. In this case, the services of settlement agents in Mandurah become imperative.

Role of Settlement Agents Mandurah

Property settlement is made only after one year from the formal separation. For the meantime, the separating partners can already enter into negotiations through professional settlement agents Mandurah. This broker will make it easier for both of you to arrive at a decision without going through the long and expensive legal procedure.

Settlement Agents in Mandurah know how to handle negotiations without causing problems for the couples. The approach that these service providers use is through peaceful mediation. This will prevent unnecessary confusion or quarrels between the two parties. You can expect a prompt solution because settlement agents found Mandurah are experts in conciliation matters. The property can be divided accordingly once the couple accepts terms and conditions of settlement.

Otherwise, it will be necessary to elevate your case to the Family Court if both or one partner does not agree with the recommendations made by settlement agents Mandurah. The court makes and enforces the decision based on several factors.

Partners had a de facto for a minimum of two years even with intervals. Both partners should have lived in the country for one-third of their entire relationship as well. Get a property lawyer to provide you with the right legal advice.  There may be grave prejudice to the partner who takes care of that child if the couple does not reach an equitable property settlement. The third consideration is the claimant gave adequate direct or indirect contributions to the family’s welfare. This person will suffer injustice if the court fails to give an order. In the end, you will realize that solving the problem through settlement agents Mandurah will still be beneficial for both spouses.

Costs for Hiring Settlement Agents in Mandurah

Costs for hiring settlement agents Mandurah definitely vary. Yet, this is still minimal compared to paying for court fees. Lawyers are usually paid by the hour unless the legal expert agrees to a package rate. Some law firms give discounts to clients but the price of court litigation can still be overwhelming.

The main reason for this is the lengthy legal process. Hearings are scheduled based on the availability of the judge. Besides, there is usually a long list of cases that the Family Court hears. Litigations usually take longer because each party has to present sufficient evidence. Lawyers for both parties will then elaborate on pieces of evidence presented during legal proceedings. On the other hand, pre-court settlement is not as extensive as litigation. You can reach a fair agreement with the assistance of settlement agents Mandurah faster than the courts will settle the issue.



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